Meriaura uses nauticAi Desk to optimise and digitalise operations

Meriaura uses nauticAi Desk (formerly known as Fleetrange Cargo) to optimise and digitalise operations.

“We operate in the highly dynamic Baltic Spot-market where voyages are short and changes frequent. With Desk we can easily optimise voyage planning, minimise ballast voyages and improve our energy efficiency” – says Managing Director Elisa Mikkolainen, Meriaura Ltd

“One of our goals with Desk is also to accurately follow-up and report the carbon footprint of our transport work, which enables us to compare this to our extremely Ecoefficient new EcoCoasters, which consume nearly 50% less fuel than conventional ships of similar size. At Meriaura we firmly believe that environmental efficiency and customer satisfaction go hand in hand.” We say, these are some nice indeed!

But don’t take our word for it, just call her up and she will be more than happy to provide you with direct feedback on how our solution works and how we serve our customer. nauticAi Desk is the modern way to digitalise your Operational picture.

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