The Arctic Coast Guard Forum (ACGF) uses Fleetrange in exercise

The Arctic Coast Guard Forum (ACGF) used Fleetrange to broadcast live and globally its Arctic SAR simulator exercise held today at Aboa Mare’s simulators in Turku.

In this ACGF exercise, Aboa Mare’s state-of-the-art ship simulator bridges were manned by experienced Captains and Officers and the Maritime Rescue Center MRCC was manned by Coast Guard officers. The exercise included several ships and helicopters and it was played out in the Norwegian Sea.

Fleetrange is the new paradigm in shared situational awareness. The solution is cloud based and infinitely scalable, which means that the real-time situational picture, together with Case Log, Case Chat, Live camera and Drone videos can be shared to all case stakeholders around the globe. The sharing is done using a simple www-link, does not require ANY software to be installed and works on any device, from large wall displays to small mobile phones.

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