MOSPA2018 – Cloud-sharing of Oil Spill cases

Finnish Environment Institute SYKE utilised Fleetrange situational picture solution for broadcasting live and in real-time the MOSPA 2018 International Oil Spill Exercise held 7th March in the Bay of Bothnia.

In this exercise we showcased the capabilities of using Cloud-technology for case information sharing in large scale Oil Spill Exercises. The MOSPA 2018 exercise involved three real ships (Finnish Turva and Louhi and the Swedish KBV 181), a Finnish Border Guard Dornier-aircraft and a few virtual ships. We also added in Transas nautical charts, Sentinel-1 SAR satellite images (courtesy of the Finnish Meteorological Institute and Copernicus Data), a case log and live video feed from a small camera on the ship Louhi.

The situational picture was shared using our browser-app, which means that theoretically everyone with an internet connection could easily follow the exercise in real-time on their mobile phone, iPad or normal computer.

Read the report here