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FinEst Smart Mobility API is here (or actually the project already finished in March 2019)!

This API offers an automated and real-time ETA/schedule tracking of the ferry traffic between Helsinki West Harbour and the Old Port of Tallinn. The purpose of the API is to make it easier for any kind of smart mobility service provider to access up-to-date and accurate ETA, tracking and weather information from a single source.

The target with the API is to help streamline all modes of transport on this route. The main deliverable is a real-time API-service for use by other service providers or application developers, such as other project partners, the Cities’ own infrastructure system, ferry companies etc.

The connection between Helsinki West Harbour and Tallinn Old City Harbour is one of the busiest in the world. Presently the traffic creates substantial congestion, noise and other negative effects at both ports and cities. FinEstSmartMobility project aims to tackle this ever increasing challenge through intelligent traffic solutions. The project provides more fluent integration of different transport modes of this inter-city and cross-border traffic with piloting and planning ICT-driven solutions.

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This project is funded through Interreg Central Baltic programme with total budget of 1.8 million euros (

Project partners are: City of Helsinki, City of Tallinn, ITL Digital Lab, City of Vantaa, Estonian road administration, Forum Virium Helsinki LTD and Helsinki Region Transport Authority.

The FinEst API dataset is available at Helsinki Region Infoshare