P&O Ferries selects Fleetrange for WDL

P&O Ferries selects Fleetrange IoT- technology for Weather Dependent Lashing studies and high accuracy motion measurements.

British-based company P&O Ferries has chosen Fleetrange IoT-powered solution to make motion measurement analysis for a selected RoRo ship. The Fleetrange solution automatically records ship location, speed, heading and ~30 motion and acceleration parameters at 1Hz high frequency. This enables high accuracy studies of the vessel’s movements in different sea-states. The solution also captures weather and wave data simultaneously with the ship data and results in a dataset which describes the vessel’s motion characteristics and cargo accelerations in various wave conditions. The data is then used in a WDL (Weather Dependent Lashing) analysis and the final outcome is a recommendation to the Captain on optimum and safe lashing for each voyage, taking into account the relevant weather forecast.

The WDL concept is designed to optimise lashing in a safe way and results in faster stevedoring work, shorter turn-round times in port and subsequently reduced emissions as the ships have less need to speed up to catch up a delay caused by un-optimal lashing schemes.  

P&O Ferries operates from the United Kingdom to Ireland and Continental Europe (France, Belgium and the Netherlands). P&O Ferries carry nine million passengers on board every year. Fleet consist of 20 modern ships from comfortable cruise ferries to super-spacious ferries.