Fleetrange re-brands its SaaS-solutions to nauticAi

Fleetrange recently decided to concentrate its SaaS-solutions business to its wholly owned nauticAi-brand. The aim with this change is to strengthen and further increase the speed of the SaaS-business development while at the same time continue to serve well our IT-project customers under the Fleetrange-brand.

Welcome Snapshot, BOQA and Desk

In line with the new branding we have also decided to rename our solutions. We are hereby happy to present to you:

  • nauticAi Snapshot, which is the real-time situational awareness and IoT solution. Snapshot is currently in use by the Tallink Group, Containerships plc and Meriaura
  • nauticAi BOQA is the flight-industry based quality assurance solution which automates deviation monitoring and tracking.
  • nauticAi Desk is the chartering, operations and soon also broker toolset for fast and efficient spot-cargo operations. Meriaura has been using Desk since its launch in 2017.
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